Polish your potatoes, arrange your annuals and paint your pictures….. because it is Calverley’s Annual Show.

The Show opens at 2.30pm on Saturday 24 August. Please come along. But better than that, please enter your produce, flowers, handicrafts, baking etc. Entries are accepted on FRiday evening from 6pm-9pm.

Show Schedules are available in the Library, Post Office or here……


Please support this local community event, now in its 98th year (!!!).


Lucky 13 for Calverley Open Gardens

There will be 13 gardens to view on the first ever Calverley Open Gardeens on June 16. The gardens are large, small, cultivated and… ‘informal’! Most are in the village, with three up at Woodhall Hills Hamlet

Maps will soon be available in the Post Office and other local shops, or download your copy from here. The gardens will be identified with bunting and balloons. Please make a donation at your first garden, and feel free to make donations at any other gardens! Some will be selling plants or knitted hedgehogs.

All profits will support The Hedgehoggery charity which cares for our spikey friends!


Join us for a trip to KIPLIN HALL (Richmond) on Saturday 6 July. 

Coach is £7 (CHS members). Entry £8.50 (£7.50 concessions).

Please contact Deborah Howard for details (

We look forward to seeing you then